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Discover if you have risk factors for irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel diseases such as Celiac or Crohn’s and how to modulate your diet and microbiome to help offset that risk!



If you do not have a suitable genome analysis through a CLIA certified lab (23 and me and My Heritage DNA are acceptable direct to consumer labs) or recent stool testing, please contact NGI.  Genome kits can be purchased and de-identified through NGI for $150 and the GI Map can be ordered through NGI as well for $350. 

Gastrointestinal disease is highly complex. Every person has unique crosstalk between their microbiome, genetics, and diet. Microbes are fundamental to human health, and one’s microbiome is not influenced merely by diet or initial colonization. Your microbiome is also influenced by your genome. This report is a summary of your genetics and the effects that this may have on your risk for gastrointestinal disease and to some extent your microbiome. It is important that this data is interpreted alongside of an actual analysis of your microbiome.

Definition of genome wide association study (GWAS): comparison of two populations (w/ wo disease) and identification of allele differences. Importantly identified risk allele may not be the causative allele in fact it is more likely that it isn’t the causative allele. Read discussion about linkage disequilibrium to learn more. The majority of all SNPs from GWAS are not causal for the phenotype but are correlated to the true causal change through linkage disequilibrium.

The GastroDx evaluates SNPs that have predictive value from powerful studies, some of which may be GWAS, but many that have microbiome influences that can be modulated to influence clinical outcomes.

For best results, nutrition counseling with a certified nutrition specialists (CNS) at the Nutritional Genomics Institute is strongly recommended


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