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Cardiovascular Disease prevention and optimization!


REQUIRED TESTS: GENOME, Lipid fraction testing, MPO, LpPLA2, HCY, CRP

If you do not have a suitable genome analysis through a CLIA certified lab (23 and me and My Heritage DNA are acceptable direct to consumer labs) or recent metabolomic testing, please contact NGI.  Genome kits can be purchased and de-identified through NGI for $150 and the additional tests can also be purchased through NGI for an additional fee. 

Cholesterol is a sterol that is essential to membrane structure and is a precursor to the synthesis of steroid hormones, bile acid and vitamin D. Cholesterol itself does not cause atherosclerosis. Only when it is bound to atherogenic lipoproteins and becomes trapped within the arterial wall does it become part of the atherosclerotic process.

Standard cholesterol tests only predict 40% of those at risk for heart attack and stroke.

In the CardioDx, we analyze genetic variations that are associated with genetically high cholesterol, hypertension, cardio-metabolic disease, statin response and inflammation. This panel is used along side a comprehensive lipid particle test and inflammatory markers to help determine your risk levels now and in the future.

Nutrition Counseling is strongly suggested. Please contact the Nutritional Genomics Institute for scheduling.





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